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The focus of Delegate Assembly is to meet annually to set the direction for the organization by way of resolutions, new business items, legislative priorities, and approving the organization’s budget.

Across Alaska, members from local associations get together to discuss important issues they wish to have addressed by the statewide organization. They select a time and place to meet and develop ideas they wish their delegates bring to the annual meeting. However, this is not always possible for some locals due to the remoteness of members and their lack of proximity to each other. The solution to this problem became clear many years ago and PARSA (Policy Assembly for Rural and Small Associations) was created to help bridge the distance between these remote local associations.

PARSA provides the opportunity for delegates to come together to discuss and plan to ensure their voices are heard within the larger group as the statewide business meeting is conducted. Each rural and small local can send their delegates to this pre-meeting before Delegate Assembly.

PARSA serves two primary functions: to train new delegates to function effectively at DA, and to act as a focal caucus for rural and small school issues. Training includes the following topics:

  1. PARSAWho is NEA-Alaska
  2. Purpose & procedures of Delegate Assembly, and PARSA more specifically
  3. What are resolutions and NBIs, how to write them, and get them to the Assembly Floor
  4. What committees do
  5. Practicing debate
  6. PARSA committee work

Delegates attending PARSA have found the experience valuable in understanding the process and concerns brought forward at Delegate Assembly regarding our statewide organization as a whole.

To give you a better understanding of PARSA, please take a few minutes to watch this video.