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EX1: Level and Standards in Elementary Physical Education


1c: Setting Instructional Outcomes
Students learn simple rubric that explains the level of achievement that they should achieve in elementary physical education.

Educator: Mark Fraad [Email Mark]
School: Seward Elementary School in Seward

Appropriate for Grade Levels: K-6
Content area(s): Physical Education

How does this lesson or technique improve student learning?

By posting and using this simple rubric every day in PE class, students learn to align their physical movements and mental efforts with the expectations for a high-quality physical education class. This chart should be posted prominently and referred to daily in class to link the daily lesson with the levels of achievement.

What does it look like in my classroom?

Timeline: Initial explanation + daily lesson

Introduced on or very near the first day of class, the different levels of achievement are simple enough for every student to understand. Some work should be done at the beginning of the school year to help students internalize the key words and concepts. What does it mean to be safe? How can you demonstrate that you are responsible? What do you need to be prepared? Coming to a group understanding and having students verbalize their commitment to Level 3 activity is crucial. Following the more intense initial explanation, it is important to return to the concepts on the chart daily. I have the students sit in a half circle around the chart while I introduce the daily lesson. The specific emphasis can be customized to the lesson and the students. For instance, if the lesson involves floor hockey, additional emphasis on safety is important. If the students in a particular class are needing many redirections and reminders, additional time can be spent to understand what that means and how to self-correct before the teacher intervenes.

The key to this activity (why it works so well for this component):

Supporting materials

Levels of Attainment for PE chart

Artifacts to gather for evaluation

  • Student self-assessment
  • Teacher assessments

The Danielson Connection

This meets a high level of the Danielson Framework because of the clarity of the level of achievement. It is incumbent upon the teacher to help the students appreciate why getting to Level 3 and even Level 4 is important. Even though the physical education class can often seem to be about which student is most physically able, these levels of achievement are not based on physical ability. Every student can demonstrate Level 3 and 4 achievement.