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EX3: Hall Pass

2c. Managing classroom procedures

Educator: Jessica Cook [Email Jessica]
School: Alpenglow Elementary Eagle River

Appropriate for Grade Levels: All
Content area(s): All

How does this lesson or technique improve student learning?

Students are able to inform the teacher of their whereabouts, record it on a spreadsheet, and not disrupt the learning of other students while this occurs. Students take ownership about how the classroom functions, and the data collected can provide important information, especially if a student struggles with being distracted in the hallway.

What does it look like in my classroom?

Timeline: Daily

Students scan a pass with a QR code to sign out to go to various destinations within the building. The QR code takes students to a form they fill out with their names, destinations, and the subject the class is engaged in learning at the time. As they scan their QR code, they populate a spreadsheet that records data of dates, times, destinations, subjects, and student names. Students may leave their seats/activities to use the restroom, or go to other destinations in the building, and at times may be called down to the nurse/office/etc, and they can do this without disruption of teaching and learning.

The key to this activity (why it works so well for this component):

Students take responsibility for recording their time for being out of the classroom. They can do this without disrupting the classroom environment, or flow of small group/independent work. It also gives the teacher data regarding time students spend out of the classroom, as well as where the students go when they leave. Teachers can also share this data with parents at conferences, and with other members of the student’s teaching and learning team.

Supporting materials

Artifacts to gather for evaluation

  • Spreadsheet of recorded data
  • Passes with pdfs and QR codes

The Danielson Connection

This procedure provides a smooth functioning of the sign-out routines in the classroom. There is little or no loss of instructional time. Students play a principal role in carrying out classroom routines. Students know what they need to do to let the teacher know where they are going when they need to leave the classroom. Through explicit instruction at the beginning of the year, students know how to utilize the technology and where it is located in the classroom.