LGBTQ students need our help this fall

2X Increase in the number of LGBTQ kids calling suicide hotlines during COVID

90% of educators say their LGBTQ students are physically harassed at school

75% of educators don’t believe their communities are accepting of LGBTQ people

As students return to school, they deserve to feel safe and welcome. For kids who feel alone, even one inclusive book taught by a caring teacher can make all the difference. That is why hundreds of schools across 40 states are asking for Hope in a Box this fall.

Hope in a Box helps educators build safe, welcoming, and inclusive classrooms through literature. What’s inside Hope in a Box?

25 curated books featuring LGBTQ characters

Ten curriculum guides for key books in our Boxes

Mentorship and training on LGBTQ books and themes

“Students internalize so many negative stereotypes about LGBTQ people, including the idea that LGBTQ people don’t even exist in rural communities. Of course, they always have and always will. My hope is that these books help students realize both the existence and the humanity of queer people everywhere, both in our little towns and in the world at large. I plan on sharing them with ALL my students.” -– Teacher in rural Mississippi waiting for Hope in a Box

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