Hurricane Harvey Relief: Support NEA Members in Houston

Hurricane Harvey is having a devastating impact on thousands along the Gulf Coast, including educators just starting their school year. The NEA Foundation is accepting contributions to support public school educators who are NEA/TSTA members affected by Hurricane Harvey, personally, and at the schools where they work. Funds will be disbursed by the NEA State Affiliate.

Help us ensure NEA members, their families, and communities receive much-needed disaster relief.

The NEA Foundation’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund will help assist our members in getting back on their feet. Your donations will help them replace belongings and meet the many expenses they will certainly face.

Estimates are that as many as one-third of NEA members in Texas have been impacted or will be in the days to come. In many cases, they’ve lost cars and homes or sustained other serious property damage. They are blessed to be alive, but they will struggle financially and emotionally to rebuild their lives. Unfortunately, Louisiana may sustain serious damage from the storm as well. Please donate to help our fellow members:

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