There are some that think school districts will just give educators whatever they ask for when it comes to salary, benefits, and good working conditions.  Any member of a local bargaining team and local leadership knows it takes a lot of hard work, tenacity, patience, and sometimes actions by their colleagues.   Even through tough state financial times, gains can be made.  We want to highlight some recent wins for our members in two locals, Ketchikan EA and Anchorage EA.  Both had struggles, had members take numerous actions, and were geared up and ready in case of a possible strike.  When we stick together, have a strong membership, and are active in our cause, good things do happen.

Ketchikan EA

  • 2% added to every cell, each year of a 3-year contract
  • Steps and lanes are automatic each year even when a successor agreement has not been reached
  • $2,000 bonus for National Board Certification or a Doctoral Degree
  • School Psychologists, Speech Pathologists, and Physical Therapists may be given credit for all work experience
  • Increased material stipend of $400 per teacher per year
  • Educators will be informed when assigned a student with a known medical problem or history of behaviors that could present a threat to the safety of students or staff
  • Bereavement Leave can be taken for a miscarriage
  • Each member will receive 3 personal days a year with additional days added after 8 years and 12 years of service
  • Insurance premiums cut and capped, including a refund on the difference in premium amounts over the past 18 months

Anchorage EA

  • Second step increase for this year, 2% added to the salary schedule each year for the next two years; $1,300 each year for anyone who does not get a step
  • $1.9 million added into the AEA health reserve fund this year to help offset future premium increases and an additional $50/month contribution for each member next year
  • Academic Freedom language that allows educators to create the environment and lessons they feel are necessary for their students
  • Teachers can no longer be required to turn in weekly lesson plans
  • New Joint Committee to ensure educator voice is included when the district is considering a change of practice, program, or services
  • Improved language regarding special education and for its educators
  • Creation of a joint committee to review the middle school schedule