Meet Suzanne Goodwill: Your 2019 ESP of the Year

Suzanne Goodwill has a passion for helping students succeed. As a well-respected tutor at Skyview Middle School in Soldtona, Suzanne strives to support students who are struggling to find confidence in themselves. She encourages them through her work to achieve great things academically, socially, and emotionally.

We are extremely proud to present the NEA-Alaska 2019 Education Support Professional of the Year Award to Suzanne Goodwill – our highest honor for non-certificated education professionals.

Suzanne didn’t always know she wanted to become an educator. She originally went to school for a business degree. Over a decade later she returned to obtain her teacher certificate, and for the past 8 ½ years she has worked successfully as an ESP with students in a variety of positions in the Kenai Peninsula School District.

“Suzanne is a part of our family here at Skyview Middle School,” said Principal Sarge Truesdell. “Her friendly demeanor, her ability to build rapport with reluctant learners, and her complete and total commitment to each individual student is what has made her such an amazing support employee in our building.”

If you ask any of Suzanne’s colleagues at Skyview Middle School, it’s clear that they agree – Suzanne will do whatever it takes and go above and beyond to help out in the classroom.

“Suzanne can always be counted on when you need her,” said fellow educator Sheilah-Margaret Pothast, “Her caring nature is a blessing to all of us and her willingness to jump in to help no matter where the need is an example we can all learn from.”

Suzanne holds an active voice in her local and state education associations, where she votes in elections and take advantage of professional development opportunities. She encourages her fellow new educators who are just starting out in their careers to make sure they have a positive attitude. “Figure out what age group of students you work best with – it took me a few years to discover that middle school students were my best fit,” Suzanne suggested.

As a part of her role as NEA-Alaska’s 2019 Education Support Professional of the Year, Suzanne will address our members at Delegate Assembly on Friday, January 18th.