Is the School Voucher System Good for Alaska

Alaska Commons, August 3, 2012

For many, it's absolutely inconceivable that America could be anything less than the greatest country on the planet Earth. Mired in mentally imposed isolationism, the general populace remains confused whenever credible, yet negative, portraits of America are presented. A lot of psychic energy is spent rationalizing away, or just plain ignoring, the face of Third World-like conditions inside our beloved First World.

But, it is not the average American citizen's fault.


Part II

History and Context: the School Voucher Controversy, Alaska Commons, August 7, 2012

Ten years had passed since General U.S. Grant accepted the surrender of the South from Robert E. Lee. It was the year 1875 and Grant found himself the President of the United States. In the fervor of Reconstruction, speaking before an audience of Civil War Veterans, and while making an appeal to Protestant voters for the upcoming election, Grant strongly suggested that the Constitution be amended. The separation of church and state needed to be explicated separated scholastically, he argued. No state monies should ever support religious schools.

Presidential rival, Senator James G. Blaine (Republican - Maine) thought the President was onto something good and decided to run with the suggestion. In December 1875 he proposed legislation amending the Constitution which passed the House of Representatives, but failed in the Senate. Still motivated, Blaine took the amendment idea to the States. It has become his lasting legacy.



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