“Our Sherry” Gets Busy on the National Stage

Sherry Shaw speaks to the NEA Board of Directors.

Sherry Shaw traveled to Washington D.C. for a busy week of events in May as she began her work as NEA’s ESP of the Year. She started by speaking to the NEA Board of Directors. She thanked the board and spoke about respect and professionalism. She said that even though the world may seem unpredictable, the one thing that we know will happen is that students will walk through our school doors and “at my school, I can guarantee that I will be the one standing there and greeting them and giving them the love and respect that they need to get through that day.”

While in Washington D.C., Sherry visited each of Alaska’s Congressional offices and spoke passionately about the needs of ESPs. She also received a RISE Award (Recognizing Inspirational School Employees) from the NCCESEU. The National Coalition of Classified Education Support Employee Unions recognized five amazing ESPs in a special ceremony at the House of Representatives building next to the Capitol. Sherry gave an emotional speech where she spoke about her experiences as a child and the educators who inspired her.

In July, Sherry will be addressing and inspiring the 8,000+ delegates at NEA’s Representative Assembly in Minneapolis, MN. We are so proud of Sherry’s accomplishments as NEA’s ESP of the Year so far, and can’t wait to see what else is in store for her.

Sherry Shaw talks with Sen. Lisa Murkowski at the senator’s office in Washington D.C. on May 3.