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NEA-Alaska delegates overwhelmingly supported five action items to help improve SOAR. They voted for: In-person seminars for members about retirement, a referral service for financial advisors, continued work in Juneau to fix retirement, support for advocacy in school districts to return to Social Security, and a detailed study to calculate the full scope of why educators are leaving Alaska and how that harms schools.


Jacob Bera, an art teacher at Eagle River High School, and member of SOAR, was featured in the first of three Anchorage Daily News sponsored content pieces that highlighted the lack of Social Security for TRS III educators. Please take a moment to read, share on social media, and forward to your colleagues, friends, and neighbors.


Talk of Alaska interviewed NEA-Alaska president Tim Parker on Jan. 28 with Lori Townsend asking questions about educator turnover rates and retirement. You can listen to the entire interview here.


If you haven’t logged into your Empower account, you’re actually in the majority. Only about 10 percent of TRS III and PERS IV educators have logged in. Here is a quick link to get there:

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Chair, Segue Grant, NEA-Alaska vice president
Region 1, Mike Vieira, Sitka
Region 2, Danielle Specht, Kodiak
Region 3, Alissa Fabian, Seward
Region 4, Corey Shepherd, Kotzebue
Region 5, Chris Benshoof, Fairbanks
Region 6, Jacob Bera, Anchorage
Region 7, Jackie Cunningham, Mat-Su
Region R, Bob Williams, NEA-Alaska Retired
Statewide, Matt Hunter, Sitka and Tom Klaameyer, Anchorage