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John Hudson

John Hudson III teaches Northwest Coast traditional Alaska Native art at Metlakatla High School, helping students to celebrate and preserve their culture in their community and beyond.

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Melinda Dooley

Melinda Dooley’s culinary arts program is inspiring Anchorage students and setting them up for lifelong success.

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Glenn Charlie

Glenn Charlie never expected he’d be building up his community through education instead of wood and nails.

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Robert Frasher

Robert Frasher had a full career before he took an official role as a teacher in 2007 with the Alaska Vocational Technical Center (AVTEC).

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Kate Hamre

For Kate Hamre, the classroom goes beyond her four walls.

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Leilani Jolliffe

From her resource room, Leilani runs a small reading group for fifth-graders.

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Jesse Bjorkman

Jesse Bjorkman knows to never waste food or a good learning opportunity.

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