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Local Associations, Presidents & UniServ Directors

Click on your school district to find your local association, president, and UniServ Director (you may need to zoom in on the map to see all districts).

NEA-Alaska Regions

Associated Teachers of Petersburg
Craig Education Association
Haines Education Association
Hoonah Classified Employee Association
Hoonah Education Association
Hydaburg Education Association
Juneau Education Association
Kake Education Association
Ketchikan Education Association
Klawock Education Association
Metlakatla Education Association
Sitka Education Association
Sitka Educational Support Professional Association
Skagway Teachers Organization
Southeast Islands Education Association
TEAME – Teachers Education Association at Mt. Edgecumbe
Wrangell Teachers Association

Alaska Gateway Education Association
Alaska Gateway Education Support Professional Association
Aleutians East Education Association
Cordova Education Association
Delta Greely Education Association
Delta Greely Education Support Professional Association
Denali Education Association
Denali Education Support Professional Association
Kodiak Borough Education Association
Kodiak Island Education Support Association
Lake & Peninsula Education Association
Nenana Education Association
Nenana Education Support Staff Association (NESSA)
Unalaska Education Association
Yakutat Education Association

Bering Strait Education Association
Bristol Bay Education Association
Chevak Education Support Professional Association
Chevak NEA
Dillingham Classified Association
Dillingham Education Association
Galena Education Association
Iditarod Education Association
Lower Kuskokwim NEA
Lower Yukon Education Association
Lower Yukon Education Support Professional Association
Mid-Kuskokwim Education Association
Mid Yukon NEA
Nome Education Association
Nome Education Support Professional Association
North Slope Borough Education Association
Northwest Arctic Education Association
Northwest Arctic Education Support Professional Association
Pribilof Region Education Association
Southwest Region Education Association
Tanana Education Association
Yukon Flats Education Association

Education Support Staff Association (ESSA)
Fairbanks Education Association


LOCAL PRESIDENT: Rich Kronberg // richkronberg@gmail.com
*UNISERV DIRECTOR:  Val Baffone // val.baffone@neaalaska.org

UniServ Directors

contact: courtney.eyer@neaalaska.org

Region IV: Chevak Education Support Professional AssociationCora Charles and Monica Friday
Region IV: Chevak NEA: John Cochrane
Region III: Kenai Peninsula Education AssociationDavid Brighton
Region IV: Lower Yukon Education AssociationDavid Kempher
Region IV: Lower Yukon Education Support Professional AssociationRichard Charlie
Region IV: Lower Kuskokwim NEALynn Edwards

contact: david.theriault@neaalaska.org

Region IV: Bristol Bay Education AssociationRebecca Ingalls
Region II: Cordova Education AssociationLance Westing & Laura Hansen
Region VII: Mat-Su Classified Education Association (CEA)Karen Salisbury
Region IV: Dillingham Classified AssociationNorma Hiratsuka
Region IV: Dillingham Education Association: Bill Rodawalt
Region IV: Southwest Region Education Association: Mary Lille


contact: debbie.omstead@neaalaska.org

Region VI: Anchorage Education Association (AEA): Tom Klaameyer
Region III: AVTECTADale Butts

contact: ann.randall@neaalaska.org

Region II: Denali Education Association: Hannah Ragland
Region II: Denali Education Support Professional AssociationJeff Fisher
Region V: Fairbanks Education AssociationSandi Ryan
Region IV: Galena Education AssociationLynn Betterton
Region IV: Mid Yukon NEADanae Davis
Region II: Nenana Education Association: Stephen Calkin
Region II: Nenana Education Support Staff Association (NESSA)Virginia Brown
Region IV: North Slope Borough Education AssociationTracie Nash
Student NEA-AK

contact: hedy.eischeid@neaalaska.org

Region I: Craig Education AssociationBarb Schneider
Region I: Hydaburg Education Association: Nicole Nelson
Region I: Ketchikan Education Association: Meredith Lundamo
Region I: Klawock Eduaction Association: Allison Weyhmiller
Region I: Metlakatla Education AssociationJohn Hudson
Region IV: Northwest Arctic Education AssociationSamantha Dutton
Region IV: Northwest Arctic Education Support Professional Association: Mandy Hill & Janelle Schaeffer
Region I: Southeast Islands Education AssociationAmy McDonald
Region II: Unalaska Education AssociationDavid Gibson

contact: joshua.yeh@neaalaska.org

Region III: Kenai Peninsula Education Support AssociationRachel Sinclair
Region II: Kodiak Borough Education Association: Kathy Simpler
Region II: Kodiak Island Education Support AssociationMichelle Pennington
Region IV: Mid-Kuskokwim Education Association: Anastasia Holmberg
Region IV: Iditarod Education AssociationDoug Goben


Region II: Delta Greely Education AssociationEileen Mock
Region II: Delta Greely Education Support Professional AssociationDenise Coakley and Norm Cosgrove
Region V: Fairbanks Education Support Staff Association (ESSA)Jasmine Adkins-Brown
Region IV: Nome Education Association: Kent Runion
Region IV: Nome Education Support Professional Association: Jim Shreve
Region IV: Tanana Education Association: Amy Brower
Region IV: Yukon Flats Education AssociationVictoria Salmon

contact: monica.southworth@neaalaska.org

Region I: Associated Teachers of PetersburgJim Engell
Region I: Chatham-NEA
Region I: Haines Education Association: Lilly Boron
Region I: Hoonah Education Association: Adam Gretsinger
Region I: Hoonah Classified Employee Association: Veronica Dalton & Pearl Miller
Region I: Juneau Education AssociationLaura Mulgrew
Region I: Kake Education Association: Dave Grimes
Region I: Sitka Education Association: Roxann Gagner
Region I: Sitka Educational Support Professional Association: Ryan Haug
Region I: Skagway Teachers OrganizationVivian Meyer
Region I: Teachers Education Association – Mt. Edgecumbe (TEAME)Stephen Courtright
Region I: Wrangell Teachers AssociationRyan Howe
Region II: Yakutat Education Association: Nate Endicott

contact: kenneth.wiggins@neaalaska.org

Region II: Alaska Gateway Education AssociationErica Burnham
Region II: Alaska Gateway Education Support Professional AssociationCandy Thurneau
Region II: Aleutians East Education Association: Danny Robb
Region IV: Bering Strait Education Association: Lynda Bekoalok
Region II: Lake & Peninsula Education AssociationMatthew Stark
Region VII: Mat-Su Education Association (MSEA): Dianne Shibe
Region IV: Pribilof Region Education AssociationMylisa Jones

contact: val.baffone@neaalaska.org

Region VI: Anchorage Education Association (AEA)Tom Klaameyer
Region R: NEA-Alaska/RetiredRich Kronberg

The UniServ Program

The UniServ program (UniServ is a shortened version of Unified Service) is funded jointly by NEA-Alaska and the National Education Association (NEA). Each year NEA sends state affiliates substantial financial support to assist in employing field staff, known as UniServ Directors, to work directly with local associations. The program exists to expand and secure the rights and interests of members. This includes providing rights and bargaining assistance as well as offering individual and organizational development programs for members and locals.

Organizational development programs available through UniServ Directors help locals develop high-performing boards of directors, building representative systems and committees (such as rights, bargaining, political action and communications). Teaching and learning programs assist members with professional development and growth, including National Board Certification. Other training modules provided include Conflict Resolution, Effective Communications, Systems Thinking, Relational Organizing and Living Wage.

For more information, or to schedule training, contact your local president or UniServ Director.

Contract Database

View your local’s contract and samples of other contract language in the Alaska Educator Contract Database.

Contract Database