NEA-Alaska Webinar Series: Educators and Secondary Traumatic Stress

Educators and Secondary Traumatic Stress:  Strategies to Survive, Thrive, and Realize that Resilience Starts with You

Educators working with students who’ve experienced trauma often have their own struggles with secondary toxic stress.  Fortunately, when we care for ourselves and are resilient, that resilience resonates through to our students as well.  Come reflect on ways we can strengthen our individual self-care strategies and ways we can build communities that care for each other.


  • Why secondary traumatic stress is an issue for educators
  • Signs of secondary traumatic stress in adults
  • Offering hope:  Vicarious trauma meets vicarious resilience
  • How reframing behavior can reshape our experience in the classroom
  • Strategies and self-care for individuals 
  • Strategies to build resilience with colleagues

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