Congratulations to Region Directors whose terms will begin in July 2021:

The NEA-Alaska Statewide Election took place on January 28 – February 7, 2021. The election results were certified by the NEA-Alaska Board of Directors on February 16, 2021.

Region I Director:

  • Semra Deaner (Trani)

Region II Director:

  • Kathy Simpler

Region III Director:

  • Alissa Fabian

Region IV Director:

  • Corey Shepherd

Region V Director:

  • Laura Capelle
  • Coby Haas

Region VI Director:

  • George Cromer, III
  • Rhiana Gay
  • Michaela Kolerok
  • Barbara Clark

Region VII Director:

  • Vicki Hewitt
  • Tim Walters

Region R Director:

  • Roxanne Abajian
  • Judy Salo

ESP At-Large Director:

  • Jasmine Adkins-Brown, Region V
  • Barbara Schneider, Region I
  • Mary Parrish, Region VII


If you have questions, please contact Mary Nibbelink or 907-274-0536