Attorney Referral Program

What the Program Provides

During any calendar year, eligible members are entitled to two free 30-minute consultation sessions with any of the participating attorneys listed (right). During the two free sessions, you may discuss any legal matter except income tax preparation.

In addition, members may have specific legal work performed in five “core” areas at a 30 percent reduction of participating attorneys’ normal rates. Participating attorneys must agree to discuss fees before they render services. They must be willing to accept payment of their fees by installment payment plan or by credit card.

Who Can Participate

NEA/NEA-Alaska members in all membership categories (along with their spouses, domestic partners, and dependent children) are eligible for the Attorney Referral Program benefit. If you have a legal issue outside of your state of residence, you can contact a participating attorney in the state where the legal matter resides.

The ‘Core’ Areas

  • Real Estate – Provide assistance with the purchase or sale of residential property, disputes with landlords, property line controversies, and problems with zoning laws or land-use regulations.
  • Wills and Estates – At a 30% discount rate, you can have a participating attorney prepare your will, assist with estate planning, provide legal assistance if you are named the executor or administrator of an estate, or offer legal counsel in guardianship proceedings.
  • Domestic Relations – Representation in proceedings for dissolution, annulment, divorce, separation, alimony, custody, child support, guardianship, adoption, paternity, and name change.
  • Consumer Protection – Assistance for disputes with creditors or finance agencies, proceedings with retailers, concerning defective merchandise and bankruptcy.
  • Traffic Violations – Representation to handle charges of operating under the influence, reckless driving, or other offenses involving the potential loss of license, a jail sentence, or financial liability in excess of $500.

Remember, although each participating attorney has agreed to provide two free 30-minute consultation sessions, you should discuss with the attorney the fees you will be charged before any consultation session begins. That will help you avoid any misunderstandings.

What isn’t Covered

Problems such as business dealingsĀ and preparation of a defense in Internal Revenue Service income tax matters are not covered under the 30 percent discount. The 30 percent discount also does not apply to the defense of criminal violations, other than the traffic violations covered by the Program. Court costs, filing fees, service fees, and attorney out-of-pocket expenses are not ordinarily discounted. The discount does not apply to incidental fees such as court-imposed filing fees and attorney’s out-of-pocket expenses.

The following attorneys participate in our Attorney Referral Program:


Joe P. Josephson – (907) 276-0151

Paul Kelly – (907) 258-6777

Brian Heady – (907) 868-1932

Law Office of Scott Dattan – (907) 276-8008


Jason Weiner – (907) 452-4255


Paul H. Grant, Esq. – (907) 586-2701

James McMahon, Attorney & Counselor at Law – (907) 209-7646

Law Office of Elizabeth Smith – (907) 312-5436