It’s time to nominate an NEA-Alaska ESP of the Year for 2021!

Nominations for NEA-Alaska ESP of the Year Award are due June 1.
NEA-Alaska ESP of the Year Award – ESP of the Year nomination form

Education Support Professional (ESP) of the Year Award

Purpose: To recognize excellence in the educational support profession in

Criteria: The NEA-Alaska ESP of the Year must be an active member of the
association who has worked in the same district for five (5) years preceding
nomination. The candidate shall be articulate and have enthusiasm for duties
associated with being the NEA-Alaska ESP of the Year and demonstrate the
following criteria:

a) Exceptionally skilled and dedicated worker.
b) The ability to inspire colleagues and others to perform their
work well.
c) The respect and admiration of students and/or colleagues.
d) An active and useful participant in the community as well as the

a) Nominations must be received by the Anchorage office on or
before June 1st of each year. The Board shall select the ESP of
the Year at the September meeting.
b) NEA-Alaska will coordinate with the newly selected Education
Support Professional’s school or site supervisor to have a
school-wide assembly at which the recipient is present for the
official announcement of the recipient’s selection. NEA-Alaska
will contact the local media to be present for this
announcement and publish a press release with the
c) The ESP if the Year shall speak at Delegate Assembly.
d) The ESP of the Year will be featured in the NEA-Aktivist

National Nominee: The Alaska ESP of the Year will be NEA-Alaska’s
nominee for the NEA ESP of the Year.