New to Alaska

New to Alaska_Arthur D. Chapman and Audrey Bendus_creative commons license_changes madeAre you a new to Alaska? Welcome! Here are a few resources to help you get settled. Be sure to check out and participate in edCommunities to connect with others who have also recently moved to Alaska and those who have been here for awhile.

Read & Listen to Local News:

Alaska has great local newspapers and excellent public radio stations. Be sure to check out those in your neck of the woods for a better sense of local news issues in the state and your community. Find your local public radio station on the Alaska Public Radio Network station map:

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Alaska Native Languages

The Library of Congress and the National Archives have many excellent resources for teachers and students, including The American Folklife Center-Alaska. Listen to audio recordings and view photos of the Library’s ethnographic collections for Aleut, Athabascan, Haida, Inuit, Ingalik and other Alaska Native groups.

Teaching in Rural Alaska

Teaching in rural Alaska can be a unique experience for new teachers. Visit our Education in Rural Alaska page for more specific resources, testimonials and ways to connect with other educators.

Teaching in Rural Alaska

General Alaska Resources

30 Things You Need to Know About Moving to Alaska

49 Things to Know about the 49th State

Living with Bears (Alaska Department of Fish and Game)

Living with Moose (Alaska Department of Fish and Game)

Meetup: find groups and activities to join near you!