2020 General Election Candidate Recommendations

The NEA-Alaska Political Action Committee on Education (PACE), a committee of NEA-Alaska members elected by their peers, made recommendations after examining 1) candidates’ positions on education issues and 2) electability criteria established by NEA-Alaska bylaws. Federal recommendations were made by the NEA with consideration of local input from NEA-Alaska PACE.

NEA-Alaska PACE prides itself on being a non-partisan committee of teachers and support staff from all across Alaska. Endorsements are made with the goal of electing pro-public education legislators regardless of party or affiliation.

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Our full list of candidate recommendations are listed below by their House and Senate Districts:

US Senate – Dr. Al Gross

US House of Representatives – Alyse Galvin 

House District 4 – Representative Grier Hopkins 

House District 5 – Representative Adam Wool

House District 6 – Julia Hnilicka

House District 7 – Jamin Burton

House District 14 – Mike Risinger

House District 15 – Lyn Franks

House District 16 – Representative Ivy Spohnholz

House District 17 – Representative Andy Josephson 

House District 18 – Representative Harriet Drummond 

House District 19 – Representative Geran Tarr 

House District 20 – Representative Zack Fields

House District 21 – Representative Matt Claman 

House District 22 – Stephen Trimble 

House District 23 – Representative Chris Tuck

House District 25 – Calvin Schrage

House District 27 – Liz Snyder 

House District 28 – Suzanne LaFrance

House District 29 – Paul Dale 

House District 31 – Kelly Cooper

House District 32 – Representative Louise Stutes 

House District 33 – Representative Sara Hannan

House District 34 – Representative Andi Story

House District 35 – Representative Jonathan Kreiss Tomkins

House District 36 – Representative Dan Ortiz

House District 37 – Representative Bryce Edgmon

House District 38 – Representative Tiffany Zulkosky 

House District 39 – Representative Neal Foster

House District 40 –Elizabeth Niiqsik Ferguson 

Senate District B – Marna Sanford

Senate District D – Dan Mayfield

Senate District H – Senator Bill Wielechowski

Senate District J – Senator Tom Begich

Senate District M – Andy Holleman

Senate District N – Carl Johnson

Senate District P – Senator Gary Stevens

Senate District R – Senator Bert Stedman

Senate District T – Senator Donny Olson