What is NEA-Alaska?

NEA-Alaska is an advocate for an excellent public education for each child in Alaska and to advance the interests of public school employees.

Study after study reiterates the fact that a quality teacher in every classroom supported by quality education support professionals is the number one ingredient in delivering the best education possible to our children. NEA-Alaska, an affiliate of the National Education Association, is an organization of 12,000+ members who work in Alaska’s public schools.

Every child in Alaska gets one shot at receiving the best education possible.

We take our obligation seriously and aspire to exceed the expectations of parents, communities, and most importantly, our students.

Whether it’s in a crowded urban classroom or a remote community in rural Alaska with only one school, we all aim to accomplish the same task: provide an excellent public education for every child in Alaska. Please join us in our journey.

Delta Greely Flyers reach great new heights

Every year, NEA-Alaska selects schools, students, and members to showcase as shining examples of Alaska’s public education system. Last year, Norm Cosgrove, an outstanding member of the Delta Greely Education [...]

Senate’s capital budget buys Anchorage LIO but won’t build Kivalina school

"JUNEAU — The Alaska Senate released its proposed capital budget Monday, and one of its few big projects was a line item to buy the Legislature’s Anchorage offices for $32.5 [...]

Serious budget action needed

"News-Miner Community Perspective: My family lived through the 1980s recession. My father was a union carpenter in Fairbanks, and he was out of work so long that we nearly lost our home. [...]

In the halls: NEA-Alaska member advocates take Juneau by storm

Who are the best authorities on education policy in Alaska? You are. This legislative session, your colleagues have been in the Capitol advocating for you and educating legislators about [...]

Alaska Senate leaders back off plan to eliminate college scholarship program

"JUNEAU — Alaska Senate leaders said Friday that they’re abandoning a bill to eliminate an $11 million state-sponsored college scholarship program, making it the second Senate budget-cutting measure to be [...]

Alaska Senate president says Permanent Fund redesign remains his chamber’s Plan A

"JUNEAU — The Alaska Senate’s Republican president says his caucus still plans to pass legislation to redesign the Alaska Permanent Fund to help solve the budget crisis, and he’s met [...]

AK Students First


With the price of oil plunging and a projected state budget deficit of $3.6 billion, Alaska’s students need real leadership in Juneau now more than ever. With public education funding already stripped to the bone, Alaska’s students cannot afford even further cuts… Read more at akstudentsfirst.org.