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By Sean Powell, NEA-Alaska Member “We have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen more than we say.” - Zeno of Citium My name is Sean Powell and [...]

Fall Event 2016

This year’s Fall Event “Charting New Waters: Navigating the Profession in the Modern Age” featured a variety of speakers and workshops tailored to meet the needs of NEA-Alaska educators. During [...]

ESP Day: Honoring the hard-working women and men who help educate the whole student

By Brenda Álverez and Celeste Busser Originally published in neaToday From coast to coast, students, teachers, and parents are rolling out the red carpet in a national day of recognition [...]

Computer science education expands with new AP courses

"Hour of Code events can introduce students to computer science, but schools must follow it up with full curricula..." Read the full story from Education Dive.

Becoming a National Board Certified Teacher is now more accessible

By Cindy Long Originally published on neaToday When Anna Baldwin, an English teacher at Arlee High School in Arlee, Montana, and the 2014 Montana Teacher of the Year, wanted to [...]

Hundreds of Douglas kids band together in music class

"When you think about an elementary school music class, a choir might come to mind. The students sing choral standards with their teacher standing in front, or backing them up [...]

Incorporating a growth mindset into your teaching practice

"A growth mindset, as described by Carol Dweck, is a belief that while individuals are different in many ways in terms of their initial performance, interests, talents, and skills, everyone [...]

#JokeoftheDay prepares students for learning

"'What’s today’s joke?' Jess asks—or demands—with a smile on her face. These are the first words I hear walking into my second day of school this year..." Read the full [...]

Bringing the joy back to lesson planning

"One of my favorite things about teaching – next to working directly with the kids – is planning engaging lessons that are meaningful and fun for all those who walk [...]

Makerspaces create incentives for English learners

"The maker movement has created a new strategy to engage students in STEM projects, and educators are finding it can also contribute to strategies for improving language proficiency among English [...]

What is NEA-Alaska?

NEA-Alaska is an advocate for an excellent public education for each child in Alaska and works to advance the interests of public school employees.

NEA-Alaska, an affiliate of the National Education Association, is an organization of 13,000+ members who work in Alaska’s public schools.

Whether it’s in a crowded urban classroom or a remote community in rural Alaska with only one school, we all aim to accomplish the same task: provide an excellent public education for every child in Alaska. Please join us in our journey.

From the
President’s Desk

Incoming president Tim Parker

Shaping our education system

One of the greatest things about living in Alaska is snow. When it arrives, it’s officially time for winter. And winter is when our public schools are finding their rhythm and begin to really thrive. [...]


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