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Statewide Awards

Each year NEA-Alaska recognizes outstanding members and others through the following awards. To submit nomination forms, email them to info@neaalaska.org or mail to President, NEA-Alaska, 4100 Spenard Road, Anchorage, AK 99517.

NEA-Alaska ESP of the Year (Due October 15)

Nominations for the following awards are due November 1.
Alan Dill Award
Bettye Fahrenkamp Political Action Award – 2 Awards: 1 for an NEA-Alaska Member & 1 for a Legislator
Champions of Children Award
Emily Ivanoff Ticasuk Brown Award for Human Rights
Hall of Fame Award
MacManus/Armistead/Belts Award
Outstanding District Practice Award
Renowned Alaskan Award Nomination Form & Procedures
School Bell Award
Student Recognition Award Nomination Form & Procedures
Vide Bartlett Award for Women’s Rights
Willard Bowman Memorial Award for Human Rights


Without social security or a defined benefit pension system, retirement in Alaska poses some unique problems for our state’s public servants, including teachers. Learn more about the current state of public employee retirement and what we’re working on to make it better.

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Hybrid Retirement for Public Workers


Still working? Join Pre-Retired for a lifetime of continued support and benefits after you retire. Select a payment plan that works best for you and become a fully paid-up member while you’re still in your earning years. Download a retired membership form:

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As a retired member, you can continue to participate in NEA-Alaska at every level. You’ll support Alaska’s premier watchdog on retirement issues, legislation that impacts retirees and TRS/PERS issues. You’ll also add your voice to NEA-Retired, protecting your interests on the federal level.

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