For Kate Hamre, the classroom goes beyond her four walls. Whether she’s bringing a freshly caught salmon into school or taking students out into nature, her students are in for an authentically Alaskan education.

Kate was born and raised in South Anchorage. She went Outside for her education, as many young people do, but she always knew Alaska was home. She returned here a few years ago and has been an educator here ever since. She currently teaches first- and second-graders at Inlet View Elementary School.

Kate loves tailoring curriculum to fit with her students’ experiences growing up in Alaska. To teach about landforms, she directed students to create treasure maps, encouraging them to use their imagination — pirates, fairies and unicorns were all welcome — but she also ties it into their real life surroundings and environment. “We want to encourage their creativity, and associate how different parts of our world fit together. Like, you look outside and you see that mountain and how it sits next to that river there, stuff like that.” Kate said.